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What caught my attention this week?

  • Shaving is something I just don’t do very well. My dad never taught me how to use a straight (hmm) razor. And when I’ve tried on my own, I’ve left the bathroom bloodied and bandaged. I surrendered long ago to the electric razor and the imperfect results it provides. So this Philadelphia Inquirer article on shaving as “the new hot skin-care market” caught my eye. And having read it, I think I’ll be scheduling an appointment soon at Shaving Grace Barbers:

    “Most guys don’t prepare their face at all,” said Michael Sgarra, a co-owner and barber at Shaving Grace in Exton, which offers beer on tap, a pool table, and professional shaves and haircuts (way more than two bits.) “Some are dry-shaving in the shower. Some just use soap. It’s pretty horrible.”

    At Sgarra’s shop, the process begins with a series of hot towels to open the pores and soften the hair. Then they put on a pre-shave oil, another series of hot towels, hot foam and shave twice.”

    Shaving Grace sounds like the best place on Earth. Beer, pool, and getting a shave? I’m in. And according to Shaving Grace’s website, I can even get a massage there.

  • This isn’t entirely shocking for me, but a NYT article notes that same-sex relationships are more egalitarian than opposite-sex relationships. Notably, “[t]he egalitarian nature of same-sex relationships appears to spill over into how those couples resolve conflict…. [According to one study, same-sex couples] tended to fight more fairly than heterosexual couples, making fewer verbal attacks and more of an effort to defuse the confrontation.” Also, belligerence and domineering were less common in same-sex relationships.Cool! Now just exactly how do I get myself one of those relationships?!
  • What a great gig! Peter Meehan, who usually writes the “$25 and Under” reviews for the NYT‘s Dining Section, traveled to 12 ballparks around the country to sample the food. And it sounds like a lot of it was pretty darn good. Meehan really liked the offerings at our very own Citizens Bank Park, especially Chickie & Pete’s crab fries, already my favorite; Tony Luke’s roasted pork; and the Schmitter—a sandwich built with cheese, salami, cheese, beef, and more cheese. I have to remember to get a Schmitter at some point this season….And if I’m ever in Seattle’s Safeco Field, I’m going to have an Ichiroll, a spicy tuna roll named (duh) after the veteran centerfielder.
  • This week, I particularly enjoyed Sushicam‘s photographs of a commuter train and some big fish. And Daily Dose of Imagery showed us the smart, apt advertising used on the streets by Toronto’s World Wild Short Film Festival. Ha!
  • And, of course, it makes sense to end with A Cheese Map of Canada. Enjoy.

Written by Jimmy

June 14th, 2008 at 4:37 pm