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The Man Trap, Again

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A few months ago, on the old website, I hatched a plan to, well, trap myself a man. The plan was to buy season tickets to Something or Other—and invite dashing, eligible men to go with me. That way, I’d have an “excuse” to ask them out (“hey, I have this extra ticket that’s going to waste”), and I’d be hanging out with guys with similar interests.

I didn’t get my act together early enough to buy more than a handful of Flyers tickets, but I’m now the proud owner of a pair of tickets to 17 Phillies games this year. Actually, I’m now the owner of tickets to 16 games, as I used the first pair last Thursday (for an exciting, if chilly, come-from-behind victory over the Nationals). If you’re looking for me, that’s me in Section 211, hoping, desperately, that no one too tall will be sitting in Row 5, Seat 6, directly in my line of sight.

So now comes the hard part. How do I actually use this Man Trap? To meet men, I mean. I really don’t have a clue.

So far, I’ve been inviting dashing, eligible—but presumptively straight—men to hang out with me. I’m asking friends, or acquaintances, and that’s really not the point of the Man Trap. For Friday night’s Flyers game, for instance, I asked a former colleague. True, I’ve had a crush on him since about 15 minutes after we met, but surely I’d know by now if he might be interested in me. And for my first Phillies game of the season, I asked an absolutely cool current colleague. (P.S. If either of these men is not 100% straight, please let me know. ASAP.)

Now, of course, I had fun hanging out with these guys. They’re friends, after all. And I suppose I should just be happy to have good friends to hang out with. It’s better than sitting home alone. Or going everywhere by myself.

I just haven’t figured out how to meet dashing, eligible, gay men who might be interested in Flyers or Phillies games, or avant garde music, or bluegrass music, or any of the other events I’m likely carrying tickets for these days. Do I take out a personals ad, highlighting my Phillies fandom? I’m already on all the usual gay dating sites, and that hasn’t gotten me anywhere. My friends aren’t any help, either. Doesn’t anybody fix their friends up anymore? Because, God knows, I obviously need the help.

Now that I have the bait, I don’t know where to set the Man Trap.


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April 6th, 2008 at 10:50 pm

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Philadelphia Flyers 3, New Jersey Devils 0

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I spent my Friday night at the Wachovia Center, watching the Flyers clinch—finally!—a playoff spot with a 3-0 win over the Devils. I knew the Flyers meant business when they trotted out some old video of Kate Smith singing “God Bless America.” The Flyers’ everyday, um, anthemist (really), Lauren Hart, sang it as a duet with Smith, who, 22 years after her death, is still the Flyers’ good luck charm.

I suspected it was coming, but I still got some darn goosebumps when the video of Smith appeared on the scoreboard. The crowd roared. Smith’s singing is, of course, literally from another era, one in which a female-but-not-really-feminine singer could make it big by singing in a strong, almost Mermanesque manner. Somehow or other, she makes sense at a hockey game….

I made it to only a handful of Flyers games this season, and that’s a shame. There’s something really exciting about the testosterone-laden energy at a good hockey game. On Friday, since so much was on the line, the drama was extra-thick. All the fans were in black and/or orange (I was mostly in black). The Flyers handed out inflatable (again, really) orange thundersticks, but they ended up being more visually striking than anything else. Even thundersticks couldn’t compete with the noise we were making, the clapping, the stomping, the cheering, the general roar whenever anything happened.

The Flyers looked good, pretty much dominating the action for the first two periods, but they had only a 1-0 lead as the third period began. Two third-period goals had us all breathing easier, and the Flyers’ eventual win, combined with a loss by Carolina, meant the Good Guys were going where they belonged: the Stanley Cup playoffs.

I don’t think the Flyers will be real contenders for the Cup this year; they did well just to improve on a truly dreadful 2006-07 season. But I’m sure glad I made it to Friday’s game. Going to a Flyers’ game is always a real experience, and Friday night’s game was more of an experience than usual.

Written by Jimmy

April 6th, 2008 at 9:27 pm

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