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  • Do you have Olympic fever yet?  I do, and I’m feeling all nostalgic about Olympic baseball and softball, since it looks like this is the last time they’ll be official Olympic sports.  In those sports, and others, the host nation gets an automatic berth in the Olympic tournament.  This NYT article on China’s baseball team suggests, well, that the Chinese aren’t taking their chances too seriously.  Oh, and American baseball-isms don’t translate into Chinese all that well.
  • If you’re wondering whether a website is down, or if the problem is with your own set-up, Down for Everyone or Just Me? may be the answer.  Warning, though: The site always tells me that Amazon is down.  (Link via NYT)
  • It looks like the Discovery Channel is going to devote a little attention to beer.  Isn’t it about time the Food Channel offered up an entire series on beer?  I’m available for hosting duties….
  • Planet Earth is running out of indium.  And several other elements, including gallium, hafnium, and even zinc.  There’s not much copper left, either.  If you like TV screens, solar panels, and computer chips, this is bad news.  (Link via Kottke)
  • Do you like your murder mysteries to have, er, a spiritual bent?  Then check out Clerical Detectives.  I’m going to check out the Rabbi Small mysteries.  (Link via Thousand Voices)

I have a backlog of cites, so look for a very special midweek edition of Weekend Reading soon.  If I get my act together….

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July 13th, 2008 at 4:03 pm

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  1. China is so close to Manila (relative to you I guess?) and not that expensive to go to (went to Beijing in 2006) but somehow it is so difficult to get to the 2008 Olympics, tickets are no longer available here and they don’t pre-sell tickets to foreigners if you decide to but tickets in China. Even if you get to Beijing by August 8, there is no guarantee you get tickets into the venues or ceremonies. Such is life and such is why the same excitement for the games is not as alive as it is here in Manila also probably since our players don’t get that many medals as China or the US?


    20 Jul 08 at 10:35 pm

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