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As promised, it’s time for some mid-week links:

  • In honor of tonight’s All-Star Game, as well as all the recent hoopla about San Francisco Giant Tim Lincecum (including a Sports Illustrated cover story that called him”The Freak”), you can check out video of his trés efficient pitching style right here.  (Link via Kottke)
  • I’m still getting myself ready for the Beijing Olympics (sadly, as a spectator and not as a team handball player), and part of my preparation involves reading about the tricky politics of being an athlete from Taiwan.  Oh, sorry, that’s Chinese Taipei.
  • Atheist and journalist Jeffrey W. Haws runs a very cool blog called The Atheocracy.  In this provocative post, he discusses what it would mean if science somehow proved that God existed.  Among the possibilities: God is uncaring, or incompetent, or even sadistic.  Whether you agree or not, it’s interesting reading.
  • According to a BBC News headline that, er, grabbed my attention: M&S [that’s department store Marks & Spencer, of course] “defends ‘tax on bigger bras.'” Really.  When I visited the site, it listed several “related” stories, too, including one about Shakira’s bra and another about a woman who tried to hide an iguana in one.  One has to keep informed, you know?
  • Stop, You’re Killing Me! is an exhaustive website for lovers (like me) of mystery novels.  The site lists over 2,500 authors with—and this is absolutely crucial when you’re starting a new series—chronological lists of their books.  Here, for instance, is the page for one of my favorites, comic mystery writer Joan Hess.  (Link via Citizen Geek)

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July 15th, 2008 at 11:17 pm

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